Mission and concept summary

Companies are facing a changing world where competition and global development leverage new technologies and major generational shift.

Their Operational context is forced to enter a new era where innovation and complexity mastering together with Corporate Social Responsibility become a must to survive on any continent including Africa.

Companies operating in the Western World suffer traditional barriers to their Operational evolution while they thrive in BRIC and African regions; the future of their Corporate Operations is emerging in these regions at a stunning speed:

  • a great variety of operational configurations are reflecting the need to adapt and be flexible thanks to new generation mindset and new technologies.
  • remote teams are giving way to more effective virtual teams across cultures.
  • there is a legitimate flattening momentum which empowers key players all over the extended enterprise; an answer to Y generation preferences.
  • it all results in Corporate value chain that tends to be more driven by global processes, project-based activities and social networking.


The GLS Consultants network is willing to contribute to these changes in BRIC & African region and shoulder companies who have decided to challenge the future and not necessarily just copy/paste what they used to do at home.

  • André GUYARD, General Manager

    André GUYARD is a partner of HEC Paris - Executive Education (MBA, EMBA, Masters, and short cycles) Jouy-en-Josas (France), and ESI International, an American firm that specializes in project management (member of Project Management Institute) since 1999. André held numerous positions in his 25 years spent in IBM; in his former assignment , he was responsible for Manager’s development in IBM where he was teaching the new Global Management Development Program of IBM in Europe and Middle East. He was also teaching Multi-cultural Management in Europe and in the USA. As a former Director of Hardware Services in IBM Europe, he has been deeply involved in reengineering IBM Services in 1993 (world-wide leader), acquiring a broad range of management expertise, including coaching, team development, business partnership and multi-cultural management. André’ s know-how is mainly dedicated to global team building in merger/acquisitions, global leadership development in business transformation and project management leadership for multicultural teams.

  • Cynthia ZHOU Ping, General Manager

    Cynthia holds a MBA in International Business from l’Ecole de Commerce de Grenoble, France, and a Bachelor degree of Economics from Fudan University, China. With Over 7 years’ international working experience in Europe (France, Belgium, Germany) and Asia (China, Korea), she has acquired rich knowledge and experience of the international business world through work at various world-class companies: Volvo, Johnson Controls, KPMG mainly. This gave her the opportunity to develop her project management and coaching skills while conducting complex business cases to success. She likes to coach and motivate teams to reach their best performance.