Offering summary

GLS Consultants network mission is to support International Operations everywhere in the world to maximize their financial and strategic interests once they have been taken into account by the Institutions (Chambers of commerce, …).

GLS Consultants network concept is to give the involved teams the opportunity to establish a high performance culture which relies on advanced leadership mindset proper to energize and mobilize everyone towards the Corporate project.

GLS Consultants network advanced Operational Leadership relies on the following pillars that can be integrated in the target organization (SM Enterprise, Business Unit, Corporation) like:

1. establishing a high performance culture as foundations.

2. developing an adaptive management style which integrates flexible teaming, collaborative work, project-based approach of all activities, fostering creativity and in search of best practices for tomorrow.

3. connecting and leveraging involved cultures while respecting diversity as a major source of innovation and progress.

4. developing virtual team coordination of operational human aggregates along the extended value chain.

5. coaching and supporting key transformation player within the target organization.

Your Challenges Our objectives & deliverables
  • Communicate & Negotiate solutions
    with most part of cultures in the world
    • Understanding one’s relating styles and favorite values and practices.
    • Determining others’ practices and relating styles and bridging differences
    • Approaching the diversity of managerial challenges across cultures
    • Applying the tools to negotiating technique across cultures.
  • Team cohesiveness & effectiveness development
    in a multicultural environment

    • Once mastering communication across cultures, understanding the cultural and relationship topography of team members.
    • Approaching team development stages and running a true team building with the participants.
    • Learning how to bridge differences in team work and building up individual and collective action plans to improve Operations.

  • Sustainable and high performance culture
    establishment to mobilize teams and develop innovation
    • Once mastering the connections between the various cultures involved, working on a common vision of the organization by cascading the Corporate vision(s) down to the proper level.
    • Identifying together where do we stand today in terms of Performance culture using a 10 dimension model and where we should be in a 3 year timeframe to develop a high and sustainable culture aligned to the vision.
    • Working on collective actions to fill the gaps and identifying individual actions.
    • Sharing, deciding and committing to actions with the seminar Sponsor.
    • Ensuring a 3 and 6 month follow-through with the teams involved.
  • Effective Business Partnership establishment
    across countries
    • Once mastering communicating and negotiating across cultures, working on cultural and relationship topography of all teams involved.
    • Putting in place with Business Partners a remote coordination between involved teams by establishing Virtual Teams Collaboration (VTC) under control of Virtual Team Pilots (VTP) .
    • Getting prepared for a real time session with three selected business partners.
    • Running the real time session with the consultants then debriefing the outcomes.
    • Training the selected future pilots on their new assignment and mission.


  • Project-based Operations set up
    to improve major actions execution

    Phase One – Quickly changing mindset by acquiring the new technique

    • Sharing the vision of change with the teams.
    • Analyzing operational context in terms of working practices.
    • Acquiring basic project management techniques and tools.
    • Working on how to implement it at individual and collective levels.
    • Elaborating a training program with the teams and Sponsor for Professionals, team leaders and Executives.


    Phase Two - Putting in place a business transformation process

    • Creating a business transformation team within the BU.
    • Revisiting all BU processes and integrating PM methods and related tools with the IT team.
    • Conducting resulting changes with IT and BU team.
    • Executing the whole training program agreed on Phase One.


  • Responding to new generations leadership preferences
    by developing collaborative work and adaptive network-based mindset.
    • Understanding situational leadership and assessing individual flexibility
    • Acquiring collaborative work technique and working on how to implement it in real working life.
    • Understanding inter-generational preferences, new workplace imperatives and analyzing operational consequences.
    • Integrating the adaptive network-based mindset in leading Operations
    • Identifying resulting individual and collective actions with the teams.


  • Virtual aggregate-based Operations
    set up to reinforce remote management effectiveness of extended BU teams

    Phase One – Coordinating virtual aggregate teams

    • Understanding distance coordination and digital nomads principles
    • Assessing individual capability to work remotely
    • Acquiring the Virtual Team Coordination model that gets results
    • Understanding cultural consequences and identifying related bridging


    Phase Two – Integrating and leveraging Web 2.0 technology

    • Running a team building with teams to align Corporate and BU vision with the strategic actions and related individual objectives.
    • Identifying the major processes that will benefit the Web 2.0 technologies with IT support and working on how to leverage it for customers, and extended BU teams.
    • Proceeding to some adaptation and changes accordingly .
    • Revisiting or establishing all decision nodes and applying the collaborative work technique per key process.
    • Documenting all changes and communicating broadly.
    • Following through the Web 2.0 technology implementation from an IT and process change point of view.
    • Coaching and supporting individuals and teams who may find it difficult to